untitled, 1951

Medium: watercolor on heavy paper Dimensions: Framed: 34 1/2 H X 29 1/2 W (inches) Price:

Portrait of the artist's wife and favorite model Evelyn, in their apartment on the Upper East Side of New York City. Framed in silver frame with 6 1/4 inch mat. Provenance: Christie's Auction House, New York

Rene Marcil

René Marcil was born in Montreal, Canada. At the age of 14, René was admitted to Montreal’s École des Beaux Arts. At 22, he met his future wife and favorite model, Evelyn Rowat. At 23, René moved with Evelyn to New York City and they achieved success as a fashion illustrators for Lord and Taylor on Fifth Avenue. René became a star, and his exquisite drawings appeared daily in the New York Times.

Having achieved financial success and a luxurious apartment on the Upper East Side by the age of thirty, René yearned to become a true artist. He moved to Paris and joined La Grande Chaumière, a studio of l’École de Paris.

From 1944 to 1991, René Marcil spent his time in between New York, London, and France. He gained the recognition he sought from critics, and his paintings were exhibited by art galleries in New York City, London, Montreal, Toronto, and his beloved South of France. His artworks entered many public and private collections including the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Children’s Museum, and Central Park Historical Society.

Evelyn continued her career in NYC, but joined her husband for sojourns in Paris, the South of France, and London. Her love and support sustained René throughout his life, and he returned to her in Toronto for his final two years.

untitled, 1951
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