Pallas Athena & the Raven

Medium: bronze Dimensions: 28.5 inches high Framed: Price:

Bronze sculpture signed "REDER 1955". "Pallas Athena and the Raven" was included in the Bernard Reder retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Provenance: Christie's Auction House, New York.

Bernard Reder

Time Magazine noted that the one-man exhibition for sculptor Bernard Reder marked the first time the Whitney Museum of American Art dedicated all three floors of their museum to one artist. The big Whitney show was arranged so viewers could circle around each of Reder's sculptures freely. Each statue, said Reder, must be seen from all sides and not just frontally.

Bernard Reder studied at Prague's Academy of Fine Arts. He lived and worked in Prague and in France, where he became the devoted friend of Sculptor Aristide Maillol. He escaped to Spain when the Nazis occupied France, only to be thrown into jail for illegal entry. When released, he traveled to Cuba and from there to New York.

“Hardship never crushed Reder's sense of whimsy. What seems mere improvisation is a careful and wholly Rederish sense of how each part of a sculpture should balance and play against the others…The eye of the beholder becomes restless, and that is as it should be: it darts in among the folds of the robes, leaps from point to point, sweeps upward and then down again—as if the bronze itself were on the move, bursting with secrets to tell.”

- Time Magazine

Pallas Athena & the Raven
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