Egyptian Vessel, c 3500 BC

Medium: Dimensions: Height: 14 in, Width 8 3/4 in, Diameter at Opening: 8 1/4 in Framed: Price:

This is a very good example of Black-top Red pottery of pre-dynastic Amratian design. The sides of the vessel are smooth and slightly ovoid in shape tapering toward a narrow pointed base. The exterior is coated with a thin red iron-oxide wash that was burnished to a lustrous finish. The black top is carbon, produced by subjecting the top of the vessel to the actions of dense smoke. The vessel was made by hand using coil construction (the process is still visible on the inside) and was smoothed by hand. Called B-ware by W.M. Flinders Petrie because of their distinctive black rims, black-topped beakers and bowls made of riverine clay are a hallmark of the Naqada Ic-IIb Period.


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Egyptian Vessel, c 3500 BC
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