Medium: Photography on enhanced matte paper Dimensions: 32" X 24" Framed: Price: $95

Linda Plaisted

Linda Plaisted is an award-winning, classically-trained American painter, photographer and mixed media artist who has exhibited her work in galleries and museums around the world. She founded Many Muses Studio in 2000 to establish a place to explore the marriage of many media.

Her work is held in private collections worldwide and the corporate collections of such companies as Mastercard International, McGraw- Hill, CVS/Caremark, Standard & Poor's, Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Marc Jacobs, Inc. You may have seen her images on book and magazine covers or web sites such as Daily Candy, Design*Sponge, Velocity Art & Design, The Acacia Catalog and many more.

A pioneer in contemporary photographic illustration and photomontage, each piece of artwork she creates is layered by hand with images she has captured in her photographs, drawings, paintings and collected ephemera to create mixed media pieces with subtle depth and detail. Her unique ability to conjure bittersweet emotion from the simplest of compositions is her trademark narrative style.
Artist's Statement:
"I am informed and inspired by nature, literature, mythology, popular culture, history, and by my role as a woman and a mother. I see the divine feminine in all of nature and endeavor to show that innate strength and wisdom through my work. I pull in bits and bytes of data and imagery by osmosis and allow these pieces to gestate in the back of my mind until larger thematic ideas emerge. I find I get the best results when I allow ideas to develop organically without overthinking or trying to analyze the process or even the final product. I create because it is what I am meant to do. I speak for the trees and for the roots of our knowing, to tell the stories that have too long gone untold.

I grew up in the countryside of Pennsylvania, where all the neighborhood children would play outside in the woods all day and only come in when our mothers called us for dinner. Nature is my family, trees are my roots. When I moved from urban Washington, DC to rural Maryland a few years ago, I was able to reunite with this natural family again and reconnect to the cycle of the seasons, exploring themes of growth, death and rebirth.

An artist since birth, I began drawing passionately, every day, as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil. I started taking pictures with my grandfather's old Brownie Hawkeye camera when I was eight or nine years old, and commandeered whatever cameras I could get my hands upon from that time on. I began using my older brother's Canon AE-1 SLR for a high school fine arts class, and I recall making my first attempt with specific intent of telling a story through imagery.

I studied photography in art school as a sideline to painting and fine art media, and finally bought a 35 mm camera of my own. I used that trusty old friend for almost twenty years and took it all over the world with me. I came back to photography as my primary means of artistic expression after the birth of my children. Being a full-time mother of two small children does not leave much time to work with oil paints and the fumes and chemicals are not safe to use around curious little humans, so I had resigned myself to a premature retirement from art-making. A few years ago I bought a digital camera ostensibly to photograph my children's milestones, but it soon became a way back into art for me and ultimately the impetus of my own creative milestones."

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