La Victoire de Samothrace

Medium: mixed media on paper Dimensions: Framed: Price: $4,500 beautifully framed

This painting of Nike, goddess of victory, was exhibited at Musée Paul Bédu, in Milly-La-Forêt, France. The artwork is double matted and elegantly framed in a 5-inch classic frame with moldings. (See revolving flash photos on "About us" page to view the framed painting on a mantel).

Eishin Yoza

Eishin Yoza was born 1951 on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, Japan. He left Okinawa at 18 to study painting at Shinjuku Art School in Tokyo, and subsequently studied traditional kimono design (Sumi-e) in Kyoto. At age 26, he sailed from Yokohama on a 40-ft sailboat for 43 days through the Bering Sea to Alaska. After three years of work and adventure in the U.S., his wanderlust carried him to Europe in 1981. Like thousands of artists before him, Yoza was immediately drawn to Paris, where he trained at Atelier St. Isaure. He fell in love with French artist Caroline Cerda, and they married in 1982.

In Paris, Yoza received acclaim for his sensual paintings of beautiful women, inspired by the goddesses of classical mythology. Yoza won 1st prize at the International Art Show of Montmartre, and 2nd prize at the Salon des Artistes of the 15th arrondissement (the largest) in Paris, and the Concourse of International Art in Belgium. He has participated in the Salon National des Beaux-Arts, Salon de les Artistes Francais, and Salon d'Automne in Paris. His paintings have been exhibited internationally in Europe and Japan.


''Portraits de Femmes'' Galerie Rosangel Arts, Barbizon, France
Exposition Ruaud’Anim, Ruaudin, Pays-de-la-Loire, France

Solo Exhibition: Musée Paul Bédu, Milly-La-Forêt, France
Solo Exhibition: Espace Culturel Carnot, Is-sur-Tille, France

Solo Exhibition: ''Les Amours de Jupiter'' Galerie ARCK, Paris, France

Galerie Les Recreateurs, Paris, France

Salon d’Automne de Ballancourt, France

Galerie ARCK, Paris, France

Solo Exhibition: Galerie Paris, Yokohama, Japan
Solo Exhibition: Ishigaki Cultural Center, Japan
Solo Exhibition: Galerie Mitsu, Naha, Japan
Solo Exhibition: Société Générale Evry, Essonne, France

International Art Festival, Magdeburg, Germany
Gala Galerie, Magdeburg, Germany

Solo Exhibition: Exposition of the Consulate Général, Miyako, Japan
Solo Exhibition: Ishigaki Cultural Center, Japan
Solo Exhibition: Galerie Mitsu, Naha, Japan
International Art Festival, Magdeburg, Germany
Exposition ''Paris – Okinawa'', Town Hall of 18th arrondissement, Paris, France

Solo Exhibition : Gala Galerie, Magdeburg, Germany
Solo Exhibition : Galerie Eliane Poggi, Grenoble, France
Invité d'honneur au 50th Salon de Bois-Le-Roi, France
Art Symposium of Strumiza, Macédonia
Exposition "In Love", l'Eglise St. Pierre de Montmartre, Paris, France

First Prize of Bois–Le-Roi Art Exposition, Bois–Le-Roi, France

Art Symposium of Strumiza, Macédonia

Solo Exhibition : Courant Gallery, Osaka, Japan
Galerie Actual Art, Pollensa, Baléares, Spain
Art Symposium of Strumiza, Macédonia

Solo Exhibition: Galerie Can Cardaix Foundation, Spain
International Art Exposition, Las Vegas, U.S.

International Artists Week, Les Carroz-d'Araches, Haute-Savoie, France

Solo Exhibition Galerie des Carroz d'Araches, Hte-Savoie, France
Galerie Boni-Moriya, Hokodate, Japan
Bibliothèque de Repentigny, Canada
Centre Culturel of Ishigaki, Japan

Solo Exhibition: Hôtel Arcade, Reims, France
Salon d'Arts Plastiques de Marne-La-Vallée, France
2nd Prize, "Salon des Artistes du 15th Arrondissement" of Paris, France

Solo Exhibition: Galerie Intemporel, Barbizon, France
Galerie Infini, Fontainebleau, France

Solo Exhibition: Galerie Miyagi, Naha, Japan

1st Prize, International Art Show of Montmartre, Paris
1st Prize, "Salon des Arts du 91" Les Ulis, Essonne, France

Solo Exhibition: Galerie du Pont-Neuf, Paris, France

2nd Prize of Concours d'Art International, Belgium

A partir de cette année, participation régulière aux salons d'Automne, Artistes Français, National des Beaux-Arts au Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris.

La Victoire de Samothrace

Birth of Venus


Mary Magdalene

Flemish girl

Lady in yellow


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